Trusted Construction Experts in Florida

Established in 2000, Omega Construction Services, Inc. has a foundation as solid as that of the buildings we construct. We are a construction company with over 30 years of nationally recognized leadership and construction management experience in our industry. Growing with steadfast purpose, principle and workmanship, we have successfully delivered diverse commercial, industrial and multifamily residential projects that commend world-class recognition.

Design Process that Saves Money

At Omega, we’re mission-driven to provide our clients with unparalleled construction delivery at a cost they can afford. To that end, our design process is aimed at saving you money. We redefine customer satisfaction by offering 360-degree solutions – from site selection phase to turning over a fully functional and operating facility.

Partner Rather than Customer

Every customer at Omega is treated as a partner. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and deliver great services with outstanding results. With brilliant designs and cost-effective construction, we strive to complete projects on schedule with total honesty and integrity. Because we maintain consistent control throughout the project, be assured you will get results that meet or even exceed expectations.

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